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Winning Search Strategies that help your company prosper.

To prosper, leaders seek fast access to the best performers in a market.  Our 14+ years experience, contacts, relationships and Search process, have led to Mandlason Search being referenced as the leading headhunter across the Asia Pacific region.

U.S. Clients

We help U.S. companies grow into the Australian Market.

Part of the expansions plans for U.S. organisations, is to successfully address the opportunities the Asia Pacific region has to offer.  Mandlason Search understands how U.S. companies grow and the local people that will help them safely prosper.

Asia Pacific

Mandlason Search are specialists in Asia Pacific Search and role placement.

Executives want to be certain they are talking to genuine local talent that will exceed their expectations, rather than turning out to be expensive mistakes.  We have the networks, experience and credibility to get the right local people.

Our Service To You

  • Access To The BestTrue Executive Search uncovers exceptional people that you normally wouldn't have access to.
  • Global SolutionsWe provide consistency for Global companies across a variety of marketplaces.
  • 100% Client DedicationWe work ethically with our candidates but act solely in our client's interests.
  • Strongest Guarantees In The IndustryLifetime Replacement Guarantee against new hire performance

The Mandlason Search Advantage

Experience Makes the Difference.  

Accurate hiring is important in any business and the cost of a wrong hire is immense. Mandlason Search process provides the certainty of a choice of highly qualified performers within your market segment. Our Search is project based and an intensive process, which is completed within an agreed time frame (usually four to five weeks) by a team (as opposed to an individual). Better and thorough techniques provide you choice of exceptional people from structured market research, thorough and objective assessment of candidates and detailed reporting of results.

Edward Mandla Comments: General Manager

For over 14 years, Mandlason Search has led the way with research and headhunting techniques to help organisation secure the talented people within their market. This is the talent that makes a difference and underpins organisational vision and goals.

Such people tend not to respond to recruitment techniques or recruiters.

Our experience, human networks, integrity and sheer determination - underpinned with a methodical process - delivers Short Lists of outstanding people that work with our clients for 4, 5, 6, 7+ years.

Many of our clients are American and European. They come to us as they seek to win business in the top corporates and government accounts in the Asia Pacific region. They come to us by reputation. They come to us as we drive a methodical cost effective process, completed in a timeframe and guaranteed by our integrity.


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