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More than 14 years experience

Edward Mandla - General Manager

Councillor Edward Mandla’s career spans 3 decades in business intertwined with making voluntary contributions to the broader community.

Edward has held leadership roles in Australian and multinational organisations including the Mandlason Search, Australian Computer Society, Computer Associates, Resumix (now Yahoo), Protech Microsystems and AST Computers (now Samsung).

Edward has sat on a number of federal government ministerial task forces and mentored young entrepreneurs under the Step Up Program. He has advised on technology policy and is a former President of the Australian Computer Society where he was made an Honorary Life Member in 2007. Edward is Vice President of the Consensus Australia Technology Association and also a judge at the annual Consensus Software Awards.

Edward has written columns for The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and a number of magazines. He has also made numerous radio and television appearances.

Academically, Edward has a distinguished record. He received a First Class Honours Degree in Commerce from the University of New South Wales majoring in Information Systems. He won the 'Datec Prize' for best honours thesis about Information Systems Techniques used for Commercial Applications. He was also awarded the first University Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Information Systems.

As a keen sportsman, Edward is the 2012 Australian Masters category Olympic Weightlifting champion as well as a current NSW Masters record holder.

Sydney is one of the great cities in the world and the international gateway to Australia. The City is governed by 10 elected officials with Edward being declared Elected #2 Councillor on September 17, 2012.  Edward is passionate about providing civic leadership, creative thought and an interface between the residents of Sydney, business and the Council. He brings a problem solving, common sense approach to public office.

The Mandlason Leadership Team

Edward Mandla
Edward Mandla

Edward Mandla General Manager

My passion is the "black art of headhunting". Nothing can change the destiny more of any organisation than leadership and having the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time.

Edward Mandla Bio

Jessica Coombes
Jessica Coombes

Jessica Coombes Head of Delivery

It is very important to make lasting connections with candidates and clients, and to really foster networks in the marketplace. When an opportunity comes up with our clients, we know straight away who will be right for the role. I can always pick who will hit it off with our client and have a lasting career at the company.

Loren Kalish
Loren Kalish

Loren Kalish Sales Manager

I've been with Edward Mandla from the start.  In that time, I've come and gone a couple of times, had a family and even lived in the U.S.  But what hasn't changed is the passion Mandlason Search has for client success.  The sheer knowledge and expertise we have to continually find the people that change the destiny of companies is second to none.

Bree Carter
Bree Carter

Bree Carter - Research & Administration

Knowing what the client wants to gain from filling a role is a fundamental aspect of my work. I pride myself in discovering candidates that not only have the right experience for the job, but also fit into our clients' workplace ethos. 

Georgina Anderson
Georgina Anderson

Georgina Anderson Director and Delivery Manager

We run a methodical process that consistently delivers Short Lists of the right people to our clients in 4-5 weeks.  It's hard enough to go undercover to identify top talent.  Our difference is we know how to talk to these people.  We not only know how to engage with the "heavy hitters" of the industry, we know how to position value to get them to our client's discussion table.